you using turkey marketing?

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

According to CNN, Americans serve roughly 46 million turkeys on Thanksgiving, with almost 9 out of 10 Americans feasting on the bird.

Each year for the last few years, rumors have circulated about a turkey shortage. When there is a shortage, what happens?

Yep. Prices go up.2016-11-29-turkey

What do you call a product or service that has excess quantity and availability to all people?

A commodity!

What happens to the perceived valued and the price of commodities?

When I called the best dermatologist in our area, his next appointment was ten months away and he had a waiting list for new clients. What can he charge? How do his clients value an appointment?

Imagine having a waiting-list business. How would access to you and your service be valued?

It’s time you stopped operating like you are a commodity.

Trying to be everything to everybody.

Taking any prospect that wants to work with you.

Trying to sell something to every prospect you meet.

Operating like that positions you as a commodity. Stop it. You are worth more than that.

Scarcity will increase your value!

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