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“Scott Keffer’s coaching and programs have put over $1 Million of extra revenue into my pocket. Having worked with a dozen professional coaches in my 30 years in the business, without reservation, Scott has provided, by far, the best return for my mon

Keith Thomson CFP, CIM, Toronto, Canada Nov 9, 2016

“After almost 50 years in the business and what some would call a pretty successful career, one of the keys to my success has been hiring world-class coaches.  I have worked with Scott as a coach for a number of years now, I can tell you that his marketing, sales, business and people insights continue to be of help to me… If you are considering him or any of his programs, I highly recommend Scott without hesitation.”

Simon “Stuffy” Singer, CFP, RFC Past President, The FORUM 400 Encino, California Nov 9, 2016

“Scott Keffer is a resource to financial and estate planning advisors… allowing other advisors to transform themselves through an exciting Unique Process.”

Dan Sullivan Founder, Strategic Coach Nov 9, 2016

“Through Scott’s coaching, programs, and systems, we were able to grow our revenue 135%. I highly recommend Scott and all of his programs.”

Sharon Duncan CFP, AIF, MBA Nov 9, 2016

“Every great athlete and producer needs a coach and Scott Keffer is an extraordinary business coach. Scott has helped us with better prospecting and marketing in spades.”

Don Mehlig, CLU, ChFC Founding Member, The M Group California Nov 9, 2016

“With just 4 years of experience as a financial advisor, Scott’s coaching and programs have allowed us to grow our revenue 10 times.

Barry Spencer Alpharetta, Georgia Nov 9, 2016

“Scott gives me the most actionable content of any coach I’ve ever been to in my 50 years in the business.”

Gene Offredi, CFP, RFC Guilford, Connecticut Nov 9, 2016

“I have known Scott for over two decades. He is articulate and creative. His information is timely and provides great take-aways for the attendees.”

Guy E. Baker, CLU, CFP®, MSFS Past President – MDRT Nov 9, 2016

“Ultimately Scott succeeded – his “Double You Affluent Clients” program and live seminars are known to thousands of financial advisors across the US.”

Huffington Post Magazine Nov 9, 2016

“What has happened has completely blown my mind. Through Scott’s coaching, we increased our revenue 42%.

Bryan Hanning, CFP Wichita, Kansas Nov 9, 2016

“Eight years ago, financial advisor Scott Keffer had no clients and no firm – just a crazy idea to start up a practice that catered only to millionaires.

Profiles in Success, Research Magazine Nov 9, 2016

“The 2nd day at Scott’s Boot Camp was the switch that changed my career and that was over 4 years ago. Scott and his coaching continue to change my business.”

Greg Hammond, CFP, CPA Wethersfield, Connecticut Nov 9, 2016

“When we returned from LIVE Training, we implemented the Affluent Engagement System in our firm with multiple producers and each producer doubled their client conversion rate.

Johnne D. Syverson, CFP, AEP West Des Moines, Iowa Nov 9, 2016

“As a Broadway performer in the lead role of Christine Daaé in The Phantom Of The Opera for ten years, coaches played a key role in strengthening my ability to perform at the top of my game night after night. Scott Keffer has a unique ability as a coach. Not only does he care about you personally and take time to know your strengths and dreams, his insights and direction produce fast, powerful, enduring results in my business and life. I highly recommend Scott and his coaching.”

Sandra Joseph Broadway Superstar, Author, Featured on Oprah Winfrey, Today, The Early Show, and The View Nov 9, 2016

“Scott shows me easy and powerful (and cheap) marketing campaigns. Scott’s systems allow me to get noticed and to build credibility using social proof, instead of wasting my money on typical, self-serving brochures. Using his methods, prospects now actually seek me out.”

Steven F. St. Pierre, CPA, CFP, MSA Manchester, New Hampshire Nov 9, 2016

“I interview many of the nation’s top entrepreneurs to figure out what it takes to be highly successful, and I learned that one key element is having a great coach. Scott Keffer delivers as a coach. His ability to see opportunities and design a fast and effective solution for results is one of his strengths. Scott has helped me get incredible and powerful results I would not have accomplished without his coaching. I recommend Scott and his coaching without reservation. Hire him! You will only profit.”

Robert Jordan Inc. 500 CEO, Author of How They Did It Nov 9, 2016

“You should spend time with Scott, he will teach you the principles of greater success as a Financial Advisor… as well as greater success in your life.”

Joe Theismann Super Bowl Champion Quarterback, NFL Network Broadcaster, Featured in The Blind Side Nov 9, 2016

“I recommend Scott. He’s a class act with great content. He will help you in big ways in terms of how to improve and grow your business and attract the right kind of clients.”

Darren Hardy Publisher, Best Selling Author Nov 9, 2016

“Having been a leader in the business world and named a “Top 100 Leadership Coach” to leaders across the globe, I know what it takes to be a world-class coach. Scott Keffer has those personal qualities and professional skills. Scott has the unique ability to see the very best in you in a short period of time and his insightful coaching builds on your core strengths for great results. Scott has helped me tremendously and I highly recommend Scott and his coaching.”

Cathy L. Greenberg, Ph.D. Wall Street Journal and NY Times Best Selling Author, Master Certified Executive Coach, and Contributor to ABC, NBC, PBS, CBS, BBC and CNN Nov 9, 2016

Scott Keffer’s coaching and programs have put over $1 Million of extra revenue into my pocket. Having worked with a dozen professional coaches in my 30 years in the business, without reservation, Scott has provided, by far, the best return for my money.

Keith ThomsonCFP, CIM, Toronto, Canada Nov 9, 2016

“Words matter and Scott’s word usage and ‘phraseology’ is excellent in dealing with the affluent marketplace. If you’re not reinvesting monies back into your practice, decay is occurring. Scott’s programs are all about reinvesting back into your own practice.”

Douglas Hostetler, CLU, ChFC, CFP Clarksville, MD Nov 9, 2016

“Scott is a marketing genius! His Boot Camp is jam-packed with usable content. You don’t even want to think twice about attending.”

Kristi Frank Real Estate Developer, From Season 1 of Donald Trump’s The Apprentice Nov 9, 2016